1849 colt 31 caliber revolver

Uberti 1849 Pocket .31, 4 Barrel. Uberti 340350. With an on-going military contract, Colt turned his eye on the civilian market in 1848. The first civilian pocket revolver, known as the Baby Dragoon, was a 23 ounce, .31 caliber pistol that fit easily in a coat pocket or

Values for Colt 1849 . 31 Caliber Pocket Revolver c. 1857: This is an exquisite high condition, investment quality Colt Model 1849 Pocket Revolver in a . 31 Caliber. to appraise similar items instantly without sending photos or descriptions.

Antique Colt, Model 1849, Pocket Percussion Revolver, .31 caliber, SN 120751, manufactured 1856, 5″ barrel, 5-shot in untouched condition. The serial number matches on the barrel, frame, trigger guard, back strap and cylinder. The wedge was not checked. All of

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Colt model 1849 Pocket Revolver, .31 caliber. One line New York address, barrel length is 3.5 inches. Nice brass, some cylinder scene remaining, nice grips, small chip missing on each forward base of the grip panels. Bore is good as are nipples. System functions

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The cookie settings on this website are set to ‘allow all cookies’ to give you the very best experience. Please click Accept Cookies to continue to use the site. Product Description 31 Caliber; 98% blue, Good bore, good grips, 5.75” barrel, Manufactured in Italy.

How much is a 31 caliber colt 1849 pocket revolver worth? Answer Wiki User May 07, 2010 12:46AM 100-1000 or more depending on specifics Related Questions Asked in Colt Pistols and Rifles

This is an early production Colt Model 1849 Pocket Percussion Revolver with the small oval trigger guard. Standard .31 caliber, five shot cylinder, and four inch octagonal barrel. The serial number is in the 108,000 range which dates its production to the year

1849 Colt Pocket Revolver, Wells Fargo, or Baby Dragoon Models. Now available for the Colt 1849 Pocket Model revolvers in .31 caliber. Steel Frame Revolvers Only! This New cylinder is a 5 – shot conversion cylinder with a firing pin for each chamber. Use

SN 129057 is a Colt 1849 with a 6″ barrel in 31 caliber built in 1855. This example shows all matching numbers including the barrel wedge. The exterior shows an overall grey petina with a trace of cylinder scene. The bore is overall corroded with rifling. The grips

Product Description 31 Caliber; good bore, good grips, 6” barrel, Manufactured in 1852. Original finish has turned an even patina over all. Original walnut grip. Traces of silver plate finish on the trigger guard and backstrap. Matching serial numbers including the loading

In failing health, Colt expanded his factory on the eve of the Civil War, and began production of a new, lightweight .44 caliber Army revolver, followed a year later by a .36 caliber Navy version. Samuel Colt died in Hartford on January 10, 1862 at the age of 47.

These 31 caliber revolvers didn’t have the punch of the heavy 44 caliber guns, but they were small in size and performance deemed adequate for defense applications. The 1849 Colt would go on to become the company’s most popular revolver of that century.

Values for COLT MODEL 1849 POCKET REVOLVER. .31 caliber six-shot cylinder with engraved stagecoach scene 4” octagonal barrel with one-line New York address to appraise similar items instantly without sending photos or descriptions.

Colt Model 1849 Percussion Pocket Revolver | All Matching Serial # 31274 | .31 Caliber | Condition: Overall good condition considering age – Has light surface rust, has not been cleaned. Much of the original bright blue remains on barrel & cylinder with full cylinder

Now he would use the same technique to turn the .31 caliber 1849 Pocket model into a more powerful .36 caliber weapon. As he did when he modified the 1851 Navy revolver to handle .44 caliber rounds, Colt took the .31 caliber, five-shot cylinder of the 1849 Pocket

Colt Model 1849 Pocket revolver manufactured in 1860. The octagon barrel and five-shot cylinder have a high polish, commercial blue, finish. The loading lever, frame and hammer are casehardened and have fiery case colors. The brass trigger guard and back strap

More pics like Lot 241: Colt Model 1849 Pocket Revolver Lot 241 .31 caliber, 6″ barrel, S/N 43828. With matching numbers throughout. Barrel marked Address Saml Colt New-York City. Five-shot cylinder with stagecoach scene. With silver-plated brass trigger

Colt, Model 1849 pocket revolver 31 caliber Manufactured 1860 An 1878 U.S. Springfield 45-70 Carbine military rifle. Model no. 1877. Walnut stock. Part of cleaning rod in butt

Factory Engraved Cased Colt Model 1849 Pocket Revolver, Marked R. Ratliff .31 caliber, 5″ barrel, S/N 97309. With matching numbers throughout, featuring a punch dot underneath them. The top flat of the barrel is engraved Sam L. Colt in an engraved scroll.

I have a 1849 colt pocket model with all matching numbers. I measured the bore at 31 and the cylinder at 31 but the brass frame on the left side just behind the tiger loop is stamped 36 caliber. What can you tell me about this? Expert’s Assistant: How can the Gunsmith help you with your firearm?

Titles Colt 1849 Pocket Model revolver Description Colt 1849 Pocket Model 0.31 caliber revolver, first type. Used by Sergeant John Jones, who was stationed at Fort Ridgely, Minnesota, during the 1862 U.S.-Dakota War. The revolver has varnished walnut grips, a

25/10/2018 · They bought an 1849 Colt 31 caliber, Gustave Young engraved and cased revolver with cap tin, bullet mold, powder flask etcetera. They gave it to me yesterday at a family get together. Needless to say, I am very excited! I will try to get pics up soon. Horace

16/11/2018 · Colt Model 1849 Pocket Revolver – Built 1862 But the serial number places it as 1862 production, and the 1849 Pocket model was rather popular on both sides during the Civil War. Six shot .31 Caliber, cap and ball percussion, six inch barrel with Hartford, CT address, bluing faded mostly to patina, still has some case color on the receiver and loading lever, and some silver coating on the grip

2/3/2015 · I am considering getting either a Remington Pocket Model or Colt 1849 (Pietta copies) 31 C&B revolver. The main reason for the Remmie would make fora little brother to my 44 1858 like Pale Rider. Looking for comments between the two models. Well actually

This revolver is accompanied by a letter and receipt from Arnold Chernoff that indicates it was originally part of the Colt Company Collection and subsequently deaccessioned from the Museum of Connecticut History. The Model 1849 Pocket revolvers are the

COLT 1849 POCKET MODEL REVOLVER.It is a .31 caliber cap & ball revolver, with a 5″ octagon barrel with loading lever. It has a nice patina on the metal with case hardened frame, lever and hammer. Brass grip straps and small trigger guard and wood grips. The

Colt Model 1849 Pocket Revolver4-inch barrel.31 caliber, serial number 155175 Large guard, 5-shot, all matching numbers, and very good cylinder scene – SOLD A nice example with 75% silver on grip straps, some safety pins and traces of thin faded case

Documented Civil War Colt 1849 .31 Cal Revolver for auction. You are bidding on a Early Documented Civil War Colt 1849 .31 Caliber Percussion Revolver. The revolver features a 4″ octagon barrel, walnut grips, six shot cylinder, Factory Letter, and blue’d finish. This

Extremely fine condition and early Colt Model 1849 Pocket Revolver with 4” octagon barrel, serial number 116003 indicating a Pre-Civil War manufacture date of 1856. A superb original example .31 caliber, 5-shot revolver that found favor with lawmen and outlaws

Denix .31 Caliber 1849 Pocket Pistol, Antique Grey Finish – Non-Firing Replica Silver Colt 45 Replica Bullets – 25 Gun Revolver Dummy Ammo Cartridge Rounds – Exact Scale .45 Caliber 4.7 out of 5 stars 21 $59.99 Denix 18th Century Pirate Flintlock $51.96

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A fine antique Colt Model 1849 5 Shot Pocket Percussion Revolver with two line New York address with dash style finials, .31 caliber, 5″barrel, in very good condition. Price 2.300 euro A fine antique Whitney Navy Model Percussion Revolver, Second Type, .36 Caliber, 7 1/2 inch barrel. in very good condition.

20/3/2020 · I inherited what I believe to be a reproduction Colt 1849 pocket. The only markings on it ar “Made in Italy” .31 caliber, some Italian proof marks, and a 1969 date code. I don’t know if it’s a Uberti, a Pietta, or some other maker considering it’s not marked.

Colt 1849 .31 Caliber Pocket Revolver c.1861 for auction. Offered is a very fine condition, Civil War production Colt 1849 Pocket Revolver, .31 caliber, with rare 6-shot cylinder (most of production were 5-shot), five inch barrel, serial number 191320, made in the very

Colt 1849 Pocket with 5″ barrel – .31 caliber The Colt 1849 Pocket is in the series of several commercially sold pocket Colts including the Colt 1862 Police Pocket and the Colt Navy Pocket models. It most closely relates to the Baby Dragoon pistol. When the it

Gun. CVA 1849 Pocket Colt Replica 31 cal Revolver for auction. Black powder. Solid brass frame, trigger guard and butt strap. Includes leather holster. Condition: Fair to good

Soldiers appreciated the compact little pistols, and photographs of Civil War troops frequently show a sprinkling of the Model 1849 tucked into belts or in holsters.” Colt Model 1849 Pocket, Pre-Civil War, .31 Caliber Single Action Percussion Revolver MFD 1855

Description Truly exceptional Colt 1849, five-inch barrel, .31 caliber percussion revolver, serial number 212806, made during the early part of the Civil War in 1862. This model was popular with an array of frontier individuals, Civil War soldiers seeking a small last

Description This is a really nice condition cased 1849 Colt Pocket 4” 31 caliber 6 shot. It retains 65% blue 85% case colors on the frame, hammer and loading lever, 90% cylinder scene. The grips retain 98% varnish and the serial number is 214021. It is all matching

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The 1849 model answered the need of civilians for a more manageable sidearm, one that would probably fit in the large pocket of an overcoat. The Colt’s competitor, the S&W No. 2 was, in fact, the second revolver model made by Smith and Wesson, and it is

Description Nice Colt Model 1849 .31 caliber 5-shot London pocket revolver. The revolver comes cased with mold & flask. Manufactured in 1854 and is in good condition with some surface and age wear. Matching serial #’s 2603. (22)

Price $250.00 Brand Colt Seller md rusty Available on Gunboards.com Location Along the Chesapeake Bay in MD Description Up for sale- Uberti replica 1849 Colt .31 caliber pocket revolver, I believe it is unfired. It has a 4″ barrel with the loading lever, brass grip

Colt Revolver Cylinder Scenes This Colt advertising sheet of the early 1850s shows the factory roll-engraved scenes used on various percussion revolvers, along with imagery of a First Model Dragoon. Interestingly, the pictures are depicted in reverse of how they

Learning the lessons from this, the Colt factory applied the same technology to the .31 caliber Model 1849 Pocket revolvers, using high-strength (for the time) steel for the frame, which allowed them to remove enough material to fit a larger-diameter .36 caliber

The Colt Model 1892 revolver issued to the United States Army was chambered in the .38 Long Colt cartridge—a black powder cartridge. https://www.rockislandauction

A fine antique Colt Model 1849 5 Shot Pocket Percussion Revolver with two line New York address with dash style finials, .31 caliber, 5″barrel, in very good condition. Price 2.300 euro A fine antique Whitney Navy Model Percussion Revolver, Second Type, .36 Caliber, 7 1/2 inch barrel. in very good condition.

Exceptional Documented Factory Presentation Cased and Engraved Colt Model 18 Pocket Revolver in the Colt Engraving Book Volume One by R. L. Wilson Manufactured circa 1868. This revolver features the late percussion vine scroll engraving used by

These 31 caliber revolvers didn’t have the punch of the heavy 44 caliber guns, but they were small in size and performance deemed adequate for defense applications. The 1849 Colt would go on to become the company’s most popular revolver of that century.