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Data Usage Calculator You can use the sliders below to estimate your mobile data usage for reference. Emails sent / received (text only) 0 emails Web pages viewed

DataRoam Day Pass DataRoam Day Pass Easy Version offers fixed daily rate for data roaming usage while roaming with more than 185 destinations. Please visit any csl Shop or call our customer hotline on 25 123 123 to arrange a hassle-free data roaming

CSL 以 Your Mobile 之名新推年卡,不過價錢對比 3HK 萬能年卡未算太吸引。但另一款養養冧把神卡 CSL Hello,又帶來新嘅 HK$128 / 8GB 無限期數據 Plan,以 CSL 4G 21Mbps 網絡提供服務,最大賣點當然是可攜號轉台,以 HK$218 即可自製一張可用 3

Game-changing 5G mobile Internet connectivity will enable csl to make the everyday lives of customers potentially smarter and healthier, as well as more convenient and enjoyable. This ground-breaking technology facilitates higher speeds and lower latency, with the

csl SmarTone 主要 4 台無限數據 Top-Up Plan 至於有什麼網絡商選擇?基本上現在重新提供 so called 無限上網 plan 的網絡商有 4 個,分別是 1o1o、3 香港、csl 及 SmarTone。那麼這 4 間網絡商所提供的無限 data Top-Up Plan 中,哪個是最抵呢?

服務計劃 4G基本數據服務計劃 優惠月費 1 $48 (免$18港鐵、隧道、流動電話服務牌照及行政費) 本地通話(分鐘) 2,000 額外本地通話(每分鐘) $0.20 VoLTE及VoWi-Fi高清本地通話 2 無限任用 本地短訊(每個) 網內 免費網內短訊組合:每月10,000個,額外每個$0.2

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2. CSL Mobile Limited (“CSL”) is a partner of TVB.COM and shall act as the billing agent to receive subscription fees of this Service from you. 3. In order to access this Service, customers of csl are required to subscribe for a mobile service plan with data

重要通知:自2019年1月1日起,Club Services(HKT)Limited(「Club Services」)的流動通訊業務將轉移至CSL Mobile Limited(「CSL」)。此後,《一般條款及條件》中所有Club Services之提述,均指CSL。現有服務將不會因上述業務轉而受影響。

Facebook 會顯示資訊來協助你更深入瞭解專頁的用途。你可以查看內容管理和發佈者所採取的動作。「3HK」最新最抵「2020年4月份轉台優惠」超低價真·無限上網最快獲取最新內部優惠資訊! # 3hk # hk4gplan Telegram Group (有不同 Sales 解答月費問題)

CMHK “Kabayan” 4G/3G Data Prepaid SIM Card offers high quality Voice and Data service for Filipino in Hong Kong Subscribe 4G 21Mbps Local Data Package to enjoy unlimited data service at promotional price; $88/30 days. “Load Sharing” is available.

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Mobile Services Unlimited data without breaking your wallet Enjoy an exceptional experience on Telecom Asia Awards 2018’s “Best Mobile Virtual Network Operator” with subscription options that cover everything from our range of Local Data plans to Greater Bay

八達通 Mobile Payment 服務 解決方案 電訊商賬單付款服務 漫遊及IDD IDD服務 IDD話音通話服務 國際漫遊服務 中國數據漫遊服務(1GB) 預購數據漫遊全日證組合 「隨意用數據漫遊全日證」 「港澳連城」單日通行證 國際漫遊服務的覆蓋及收費 國際漫遊使用說明

The extra local mobile data must be collected and activated by December 31, 2018. You will receive a SMS within 2 weeks after your subscription of the Package containing a serial number that must be entered into the Club Sim app to effect activation of extra.

本網站使用cookies以個人化及改善你的網站體驗;繼續瀏覽即表示你接受及同意我們的Cookie政策及我們使用Cookie 攜號轉台可享每月$18行政費豁免及額外1GB大灣區數據 ; 特選客戶另享折扣優惠 ; 推薦人計劃

* CSL Mobile limited (“CSL”) does not endorse nor guarantee third-party applications. Such applications offered by third parties are not CSL products and their use depends on compatibility of programs, products and service provision. Not all applications are

Not easy to use The main purpose of this app is going to check how much data I used along the month. But I cannot check the other members usage within my package after updated the app. As the owner of the package, I do hope I can check all members usage.

7/4/2020 · We are entering the era of 5G! And buying a mobile plan or handsets, while managing your services and accounts all at your fingertips. Find out more about what 5G can do for YOU: • 5G services and apps • 5G applications for music, gaming, esports,

* 用完後仍可以不高於128Kbps速度繼續無限上網,或你可追加4G LTE (21Mbps)本地流動數據用量($20/1GB 、 $50/5GB 或 $100/10GB)於該賬單月內使用。梗係可以啦,只要去Birdie Mobile App內啟動返漫遊通話及IDD就用得。 注意:需付相關按金。

csl 提供多種熱門電子產品, 包括智能手機、平板電腦、最新手機配件及電子潮物。立即到訪 Club Like,查看csl 最新優惠! 從心出發,待客至誠,是csl的營銷宗旨及服務精神。csl 提供多元全面以及優質穩定的流動通訊服務,亦一直在流動網絡和產品服務上處於領航位置,致力讓客戶在這大網絡大時代


For more details, please visit csl online shop. * The Club Members will be entitled to Clubpoints for re-contracting designated service plan for a commitment period of 24 months via csl online shop. An extra MTR / tunnels / mobile / license / administration fee of $.

Detail Discount Detail Date Name CSL-Mobile Plan Application Deadline 2017-11-30 Form available for download: csl

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Roaming Data Day Plan Tariff Effective Date: 2 Mar 2020 漫遊數據日費計劃收費 生效日期:2020年3月2日 Zone Region Country /Destination Designated Roaming Operators Daily Charge 地區區域 國家/ 指定網絡供應商 每日收費 Zone B America Canada Bell#$138

If you are using local mobile data to access MOOV Monthly Package service, data utilized will be deducted from your mobile operator service plan’s entitlement. You may need to top-up capacity if usage exceeds your monthly entitlement. MOOV Monthly

csl Ultra 600 SIM only Service Plan(6GB Full Speed Mobile Data–6 months) Terms and Conditions csl Ultra 600 SIM only Service Plan (6GB Full Speed Mobile Data – 6 months) is only redeemable by The Club Members who are subscribing to a new csl mobile

data plan (mobile data plan): A data plan is an agreement between a mobile carrier and a customer that specifies how much mobile data the user can access, usually per month, for a specific fee.

Your Mobile 儲值卡在 CSL 網頁列為特約經銷商儲值卡,但都係直接提供網絡支援而非 MVNO,可靠度更高!Your Mobile 最近增設本地 365 日數據通行證,5GB、8GB、20GB 選擇。 用張 $48 嘅新卡,增值 $100 就可以開 $98/5GB、$128/8GB Plan;增值 $200

csl. 365日 中港澳儲值卡$148 csl. 365日 中港澳儲值卡$148 – 全年2GB 中國內地、香港及澳門共用數據 – 加送首8日中港澳數據任用^ ^2GB後限速不高於128kbps *註: 以上收費及條款細則由電訊供應商而定,如有更改,恕不另行通知

CSL Mobile Limited (stylized as csl, Chinese: 香港移動通訊有限公司) is an HKT subsidiary, which operates mobile network brands of “csl”, “1O1O” and “Club SIM” in Hong Kong.CSL was Hong Kong’s first mobile communications operator established in 1983 [citation needed], and also the first network to launch the world’s first dual band 4G LTE network with DC-HSPA+.

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流動通訊 優質超值的月費計劃 香港寬頻榮獲2018亞洲電訊獎 「最佳流動虛擬網絡營辦商」,服務質素備受肯定。我們以具競爭力的定價,為客戶提供多款上台月費計劃,包本地數據計劃,無限數據計劃及本地連大灣區數據計劃,同時配備本地話音功能,全面滿足客戶不同的需要。

From as low as $29/mth, Singtel Mobile Leasing is the most affordable way to get a new phone – no credit card required. Not only do you enjoy the flexibility of upgrading your phone every year, you save up to $200 when you lease instead of buy! Sign up for a

10/4/2020 · 最新可以做到幾多錢?因為張約就夠期.不如一次過整合屋企人既plan,一次過交月費算。 我諗要睇下全家用量大唔大 如果都用得多既話幾建議用數碼通, 本身FUP減速唔多 同埋加埋無限除開每個

Discover T-Mobile’s Magenta® phone plans, all including unlimited talk, text, and data. Compare pricing, benefits, and find the best plan for you and your family. Scroll to top

Enjoy the convenience of managing your service(s) like checking your bills with your My HKT account. You may also get instant support via “Live Chat” if needed. 登入您的My HKT 賬戶,隨時隨地輕鬆管理您各項服務,例如查閱賬單等。有需要時,更可透過 「在線客


A personalised service app allows you to stay in control of your personal mobile usage with up to date information from csl. • csl brings you a new mobile experience with your iPhone. The csl Service App offers you instant access to the services you need and a

Welcome to CSL! With our superior mobile network, CSL is the perfect choice while you roam in Hong Kong! Our first class mobile service will keep you connected throughout your stay in Hong Kong.

Conclusion on SIM Cards and Mobile Data Plan (3G/4G) in Vietnam With the convenience of mobile phones and being connected to the internet and telecommunication services, traveling has become much easier than ever before. Just

Regarding China Mobile, I have the 78$ data prepay plan. I’ve been having it since more than a year, and I was surprised they no longer sell it. This month I bought a beautiful Xperia Arc for my gf, and I got her the 78 HKD prepay data plan. We went to a CMHK

16/2/2013 · 3 仲有個 imobile.three.com.hk, 無記錯係iPad plan 既apn 黎 bbbear 發表於 2013-2-15 20:30 CSL 有另外二個APN 係 mobile , lte.mobile 48x 發表於 2013-2-15 20:37

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CSL HKT Your Mobile Hong Kong Local 3GB/30Days 4G/3G PAYG Prepaid Voice Data SIM (SKU: PSHK007) (EAN: 4892964520757) Read NOTES below carefully before purchase. You are welcome to contact us first for any pre sales enuqiry and get our PDF

The Discover Hong Kong Tourist SIM card is a third party product of CSL Mobile Limited, for which Hong Kong Tourism Board assumes no responsibility. Please click here for details on the SIM card and here for CSL Mobile General Terms and Conditions.

7/4/2020 · We are entering the era of 5G! And buying a mobile plan or handsets, while managing your services and accounts is all at your fingertips. Learn more about what 5G can do for YOU: • 5G services and apps • 5G applications for music, gaming, sports, e

Samsung Galaxy S10 將登場,CSL Mobile 的 Club Travel 亦將會加入網上旅遊服務平台。驟聽 Galaxy S10 與 Club Travel 30GB 上網年卡登場!CSL 網絡‧爆 DATA 救星!【附與 3HK 年卡比較】 勁過玩年卡?CSL 儲值卡增設年 Plan.永久數據 Plan【附各

香港 CSL Mobile 今日公佈,將向香港 csl 和 1010 客戶推出供 Pokemon GO 遊戲的免費無限高速數據。新優惠也適用於專為 11至17歲而設的csl.「學生SIM Plan」。 CSL Mobile市場營銷總裁林國誠表示,公司預見《Pokémon

21/7/2017 · Anyone using the CLS annual SIM pre-paid card plans from their employers – looks similar to the 600 Plan but not too sure if I can top up data above the 6G allowance or invest in the ‘unlimited data’ offered at an additional HK$150 per month via the CSL shop – have