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Intel HEDT 平台發展已經將近10個年頭,可能前面幾代有些人是沒參與到的 從 Core 2 旗艦QX開始 X38→X48→X58→X79→X99→X299 到現今的 Corei9 效能跟I/O頻寬還有晶片組的規格進步的幅度非常大 不知不覺,將近三年的 X99 + LGA2011-3 終將謝幕

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13/1/2020 · According to reports, Intel are working on a new HEDT CPU, the Intel 10990XE. The rumours come complete with a benchmark, as well. Speaking of performance and benches, we also have performance

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Intel reportedly preparing two new HEDT platforms: the expected X599 but now a surprise Z399 chipset AMD has absolutely dominated the HEDT market with the introduction of its second-gen Ryzen

If we compare Intel to AMD in the HEDT market, for instance 10980XE vs. 3970X, then AMD comes out on top in PCIe lanes by far, the Intel platform only has 48 lanes all PCIe 3.0 while AMD’s new TR

21/8/2018 · Intel’s Cascade-X HEDT squares off with AMD’s Threadripper Cascade Lake-X is considerably faster than Skylake-X, at half the cost. Jim Salter – Oct 3, 2019 10:00 am UTC Enlarge / Intel

Last year, Intel threw down the gauntlet with respect to HEDT processors with the Core X-Series. Available with up to 18 cores (36 threads), these chips provided a stiff challenge to AMD’s first

Intel’s Cascade-Lake makes a debut at Geekbench This month Intel is launching its 10th generation Core series for a high-end desktop platform. The Cascade Lake-X architecture, essentially a refresh of Skylake-X,Refresh will be supported by existing X299

Intel released three new Extreme Edition processors with Haswell-E architecture along with X99 Chipset- i7-5820K, i7-5930K and the i7 5960X. The newer Extreme Edition processors have come a long way, with 8-core implementation over 6 core variants such as the i7-4960X.

22/10/2019 · 在规格上来说,R9 3950X是16核32线程,而Core i9 10980XE则是18核36线程。虽然说前者比后者少了2个核心,但前者是属于消费级别的处理器,而后者是属于HEDT领域的 ,在价格方面两者相差

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HEDT – quad channel memory, Up to 18 cores, Up to 44 PCIe lanes Mainstream – dual channel memory, Up to 6 cores, 16 PCIe lanes, (though the chipset may enable more lanes) Intel’s HEDT chips are server chips that have been reconfigured for use in e

Intel ha presentado su nueva plataforma HEDT en la feria de Taiwán.Procesadores de alto rendimiento para estaciones de trabajo y ordenadores de sobremesa gama entusiasta, con modelos de hasta 18

Intel first announced its new HEDT Cascade Lake-X processors in October – the company didn’t confirm a firm release date but said they would be available in November. The Chinese tech

potential of the very promising third-generation Ryzen processor with 16 cores and 32 threads, outperforming the Intel Core i9-9980XE for Intel’s HEDT platform. Read more Intel, AMD, Ryzen, Ryzen 9, Geekbench, Benchmark, HEDT, Ryzen 9 3950X by

Intel Core i9 10980XE processor review In this article, we’ll review the all-new 18-core Core i9 10980XE from Intel. Despite many announcements, this is the most versatile (in cores) HEDT

早在2010年的第一代HEDT平台Gulftown i7-980X,Intel就端出了6核設計,但至今,主流非發燒依然是4核設計(比如i7-6700K),而且i5以下還沒有超線程。快哥拿到的一份最新路線圖顯示,Intel終於想通了,平民6核將在2018年到來。

16/3/2020 · Я давно хотел затронуть тему экстремальных процессоров, а именно HEDT. У Intel это процессоры X-серия, а у AMD это

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→ electronicyi: 你就知道intel 以前的價格多尊爵不凡 10/02 08:52 推 llw116 : 還好沒衝動 10/02 08:57 推 kuninaka : 165W 怕 10/02 09:00 推 dickey2 : 價格終於正常點了,顯卡快出,老黃太秋了

除了 Coffee Lake-S 平台的消息外,HEDT 的 Cascade Lake-X 平台也會在 10 月份登場。10 月份登場的 Cascade Lake-X 將取代目前 Intel Core i9-9980XE 等處理器的 Skylake-X 平台,雖然處理器有所變換,但主機板所使用的晶片組部分依舊是 Intel X299。

Conclusion : processeur Intel Core i9-10980XE Le temps est venu de conclure le test de ce processeur HEDT Intel Core i9-10980XE.Pour rappel il s’agit du CPU le plus haut de gamme de cette plateforme sur le socket 2066.Il possède 18 cœurs et 36 Threads à des fréquences de 3 GHz à 4,8 GHz avec un cache de 24,75 Mo pour un TDP de 165 W.

Il y a maintenant quelques semaines, Intel annonçait l’arrivée prochaine de toute une nouvelle gamme de processeurs HEDT en socket 2066, les Core i9-109x0X.Des processeurs qui font partie de la

從相關數據顯示,Intel接下來預計對外揭曉代號「Tiger Lake」的10nm製程筆電處理器,將會開始導入高階桌機處理器產品的快取記憶體設計,藉此提昇筆電處理器的運算能力。 從Geekbench網站釋出疑似Intel即將推出的「Tiger Lake」相關數據,預期此款10nm製程筆電處理器將至少搭載4核心、8線程設

Intel ha decidido lanzar sus nuevos procesadores HEDT en un total de tres fases. En primer lugar, se lanzarán los modelos de 4, 6, 8 y 10 núcleos que son los más interesantes de cara al grueso de los usuarios y son los que se están fabricando con un mayor

Intel Core i7-6700K), jednak zagraniczne media zaczynają interesować się kolejnymi rodzinami, które swoje debiuty będą miały za kilka lub kilkanaście miesięcy. W platformie Intel HEDT (High-End Desktop) rządzą obecnie układy z serii Haswell-E, które na

Intel uruchomił sprzedaż nowego modelu procesora Xeon W-3175X, przeznaczonego dla platform HEDT (High-End Desktop). Po raz pierwszy procesor ten został zapowiedziany w ramach ubiegłorocznych targów Computex.

While Intel recently launched its Core i9-9900K CPU and Basin Falls Core X-Series HEDT CPU, a new rumour suggests that Intel will be releasing the While Intel recently launched its Core i9-9900K CPU and Basin Falls Core X-Series HEDT CPU, a new rumour suggests that Intel will be releasing the follow-up to latter – codenamed Basin Falls – sometime during the third quarter of next year.

Intel originally slated October 7th for the official embargo date to launch the Cascade Lake-X series of HEDT CPUs. A leak revealed the lineup early and Intel decided to lift the embargo accordingly. So, launching now instead of October 7th, and becoming available

Keeping track of everything that happens in the technology world can be difficult. Take CPUs as an example. Even if you follow news on the best CPUs for gaming religiously

Když Intel v listopadu přiznal, že se situace s dostupností nelepší, nepadla jediná zmínka, jak plánuje situaci nadále řešit ani kdy konkrétně k vyřešení dojde. AMD vydala 24- a 32jádrový Threadripper a nabídka HEDT procesorů Intelu skončila na 18jádrech, čímž

what if hedt, but ecc — Intel adds Xeon W-2200 series to its 2019 HEDT lineup W-2200 is basically X-Series Cascade Lake with ECC RAM and AMT management. To absolutely nobody’s surprise, Xeon W

Il y a maintenant quelques semaines, Intel annonçait l’arrivée prochaine de toute une nouvelle gamme de processeurs HEDT en socket 2066, les Core i9-109x0X.Des processeurs qui font partie de la

For all the tech enthusiasts across the world who have been looking forward to new updated motherboards for PCs, here is one good news. The news states that Intel is all set to launch the latest X299 HEDT motherboard in the coming days. The motherboard has

Intelは、次世代のCore-Xプロセッサ「Cascade Lake-X」がAMDのRyzen Threadripper CPUと比較して1ドルあたりのパフォーマンスが向上すると述べています。 最新の情報はIFA中にIntelによって明らかにされ、次世代のハイエンドデスクトップCPUが実際にHEDT市場でIntelをほぼ破壊しているThreadripper CPUに対して積極

(25 November 2019) – G.SKILL International Enterprise Co., Ltd., the world’s leading manufacturer of extreme performance memory and gaming peripherals, is pleased to announce the release of new high-performance and high-capacity quad-channel memory kits for the latest Intel X299 and AMD TRX40 high-end desktop (HEDT) platforms, including the high-capacity DDR4-3600 CL16-19-19-39 256GB

20/3/2020 · ASUSは3月1日、HEDT(ハイエンドデスクトップ)市場向けのIntel X299チップセット搭載マザーボード「ROG RAMPAGE VI EXTREME OMEGA」およびAMD X399マザー

Intel의 HEDT CPU는 20013년 아이비브릿지-E CPU 부터 세대가 바뀌면 최상위 모델은 코어가 2개씩 증가하는 규칙을 가지고 있었다. 실제로 아이비브릿지-E가 6코어 12스레드를 가지고 있었으며, 하스웰-E가 8코어 16스레드로 증가했으며,

Intel recently announced the first member of its 8th Generation Core processors, Kaby Lake R, with Coffee Lake and Cannon Lake coming down the line. Kaby Lake R(efresh) is Intel’s Mobile 8th

AMD vs. Intel at CES 2020: Here’s how the chips fell this year Can Intel claw back the mindshare AMD stole over the past year? This story is part of our continuing coverage of CES 2020

Obliterates the Intel HEDT and Core i9 Jim Andreson, a senior vice president and the general manager of computing and graphics at AMD has given us an update on the Thradripper and this 16 core

Intel ha anunciado el lanzamiento de los procesadores Cascade Lake-X, la nueva plataforma de alto rendimiento (HEDT) destinada a PCs grado entusiasta y estaciones de trabajo profesionales. Basados en la microarquitectura Skylake, están fabricados en

While much of the focus thus far has been on Kaby Lake, Intel also has other chips set to launch as well. Based off of previous generations, Intel usually releases the extreme HEDT platform a year

2019年10月29日に行われたイベントIntel Experience Canada 2019にて、Intel CanadaカントリーマネージャーのDenis Gaudreault氏が10nmデスクトップCPUについて言及した。同氏によると、10nmデスクトップCPUは2020年の早い時期に登場するという。

7/2/2020 · AMD 3990Xと比較すると、6.25倍高い価格であり、HEDTおよびサーバー環境でIntelにどれほどのAMDが打撃を与えているかを示しています。 また、これにより、Zen 2ラインナップと同じ基盤に基づいたEPYC がパフォーマンスの価値に優れた価格を提供し、すべて

11/4/2020 · Designed to for extreme high-end usage and workstations, the CCL Orion Intel HEDT Motherboard Bundle provides all the central components needed to begin building your system. The Orion Intel HEDT

26/2/2020 · Intel’s Cascade Lake-X CPUs Antony Leather When Intel slashed the pricing of its high-end desktop (HEDT) CPUs back in October prior to their launch, it

Intel’s new Core X-series HEDT processors include an 18-core chip for just US$979 Intel today announced its Cascade Lake-X processors, over two years after launching its Skylake-X HEDT chips.But forget about the new features and slightly higher clock speeds for

Intel May Be Working on a 22-core i9-10990XE Processor It is all rumor, but Intel may be working on a brand new HEDT processor that will feature 22-cores and, potentially, be based on their Cooper

Cascade Lake-X will offer up to 18 cores on Intel’s HEDT X299 Glacier Falls platform, but Coffee Lake’s latest refresh isn’t due until Q1 2020 (or very last Q4 2019). While these slides do no directly contradict the previous alleged roadmap leak in April it does indicate an

As it was the case with previous Intel HEDT platforms, the Basin Falls platform will bring a new socket, the LGA2066. Both Intel Kaby Lake-X and Skylake-X processors are expected to be launched in

That rollout number doesn’t even include mobile, server, and HEDT products. Not stopping there, Intel introduced its tenth-generation “Ice Lake” family during Computex 2019 based on a new

Intel 10th Gen Core “Comet Lake” Processor Lineup Allegedly Revealed – Prices and Specs – 07/10/2019 01:14 PM You can probably tell that Intel is working a bit of a sweat after all that has been