t26e5 tank

– American Heavy Tank T26E5 – Official Pictures and Update on Tank Hello everyone, Some blogs and other sources have been reporting that the upcoming American Premium Heavy Tank T26E5 stats have been updated recently, main changes were the

– American Heavy Tank T26E5 – Pictures, Armour & Stats Hello everyone, A new American Tier VIII Premium Heavy Tank is out for supertest: T26E5. It’s a Pershing variant prototype with thicker armour, same idea as a Sherman M4A3E2 Jumbo, that could go up to a maximum of 279mm thickness.that could go up to a maximum of 279mm thickness.

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New offers have reached the EU premium shop, this time it’s the American heavium, T26E5, which comes in both standard and patriotic camouflages, and the rare German tier 5 medium tank, the Pz.Kpfw. IV hydrostat, bundled with 30,500 gold to cover all your gold ammo expenses